Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Super Rooster Tail, a new favorite

I've done a LOT of fishing with spinners... both in-line and the kind with the skirts. For a long time I've liked roster tails for a couple of reasons, I like how you can run them deeper, making casting in lakes and deep holes a possibility, as well as that hackle pulse that seems to land fish.
I do, however, like panther martins for their ability to keep spinning at such low speeds, I can hover this lure in the lightest of currents or in the slowest of retrieves
Another thing I enjoy about both of these spinners is something that makes them very different. The classic panther martin comes in very few colors, and to tell you the truth I rarely buy anything but the yellow with black dots or the black with yellow dots. I've tried one of the new iridescent hologram bladed ones and have landed a couple of little browns with it, but I'm not that crazy about it.

So I've found something that isn't widely available but is worth looking for. The super rooster tail.
I thought this thing would be use to throw up at weed lines for bass or drift through deep holes on the sunniest days where trout don't like showing themselves. Since it is early in the year I've not yet had the chance to do those but at a lake that I knew could produce northern pike, I decided to tie her on and see what she was made of.

After landing 3 northern pike in the mid twenty inch range I realized how well built this lure is. I thought the safety-pin like design might just bend out upon a big fish putting the pressure on the metal. Not the case.

Additionally I like the double hook instead of the treble. It makes for a good hook set without a painful retrieval from the mouth of a big northern. Treble hooks have a higher chance of getting both top and bottom jaws locked together.

I'll buy more of these as soon as I can find them, they can be worked slow, the blade keeps spinning even if the lure is only moving on the vertical, it just flutters away, calling in the fish.

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