Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evening Perch Bite : 6/23/2009

I got on the bike and headed out into the 90 degree heat and chicago traffic and battled my way to the sea wall. Once I got past wrigly field the temp began to drop, it was something like 15 degrees cooler on the sea wall.

I was only fishing near one other fellow who was later joined by his girlfriend. He was a really nice guy, we exchanged some words, and he helped put some fish on my stringer as he didn't want to keep anything that wasn't a jumbo. I ended up taking home a few fish in the 10-11" range.

The bite was slow, very slow, but turned on for 20 minutes or so, on the front and back end of that the ocasional rock bass was landed.

Tonight I switched things up and fished with that wonderful Super Rooster Tail (1/4 oz.) but this time I attached some shrimp to its double hook. This trailer seemed to entice the perch into biting. I like this bait a lot as it needs not be assisted by any split shot or bullet weights or jig heads or anything of the sort, the blade spins at the slowest of speeds and it can be swung, popped, dragged, or just a nice retrieve that makes it glide just above the bottom flashing and fluttering as it slides through lake Michigan.

I ran into some wonderful asian tourists and answered all the regular skyline questions, as well as a kind vietnamese man who was far more excited than I was about the size, quantity and quality of my fish. He seemed to think they were perfect and asked what kind they were, I told him they were yellow perch and he said "ohhhh very good!", just further reinforcing my understanding of how good life is.

They still aren't around in numbers, and the season draws to a close. 1 week left here, I'll get a few more shots at these guys and then the time for Skamanias comes, along with inland trout and some Minnesotan bass, northerns, walleye, maybe some panfish and who knows... even a musky could be on my horizon.

I can't find a job for the life of me, but I can keep enjoying every morning I can get and any evening I find myself alone in the house I can't keep myself from getting on the bike and heading for the blue wonder of this great lake.

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