Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicago Kayak Fishing Report: Coho Salmon - 04/12/2011

I got the idea in my head just as I was taking a bite of my sandwich at lunch.  It's sunny out, the sun doesn't set until 7:30 these days... I bet if I went straight home after work, whipped on my wetsuit and threw the Kayak on the car I'd have a real shot at getting in a couple of miles before it got dark.

I did just that, got home, checked the wave forecasts, 1-2 feet - easy paddling waves on the big lake.

Turned out to be glass calm, barely even a swell.

5:00, left work.
5:12, got home and checked the waves.
5:25, wetsuit on and car pulled around.
5:30, Kayak on the car.

5:50, Parked at Montrose beach ready to embark.

6:00, one rod strung up after the long drag across the grass and beach.

7:30, out of the water with plenty of time to get her back on the car in the light.

I didn't land anything, but I got to do some good exploration and really used the night as a test to see if it's possible to hit the water after work.  If these 10-14 foot waves ever subside I'll be right back at it, this time with the battleship in full attack mode.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coho Salmon Fishing Along the Chicago Shoreline

Hi folks, I'm back!  I had the rod and reels hung up for far too long and the urge to wet a line finally burned it's way to the surface.  Coho are definitely in thick up and down the shoreline this week.

After some recon pier walks late in the week I picked a spot, picked up long time Chicago Fishing comrade Mike, and we hit the pier.  We ran two power lines and casted crank baits and spoons.  The morning started slow, Mike hit a couple with a orange and gold K/O wobbler, from then on out it was steady action on the power lines.  We limited out just before we had to be back to the car.  First ever coho limit for both of us.  Just a wonderful spring day of Chicago fishing.

The Steelhead run has come and nearly gone and I will miss it this year almost entirely.  Reports have been mixed, but it sounds like if you put in the time to fish any river with a reasonable flow you'll likely find a dance partner.  It just may take some time and you will most certainly need to cover some water to find one.