Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/17/2009 : A slow, foggy morning on the wall

I got out to the normal spot on the seawall this morning and set up shop on my favorite point above the perch and began fishing. I got a good strong hit right away and pulled up a fighter of a rockbass. Back he went. I fished the next 40 minutes or so without so much as a tap. I then moved further down the wall and picked up one right away. The guys near me got some in their baskets as well.

I rounded up the morning with just a couple of keepers, which had both alewife and softshells in their stomachs. This is the first time that softshells have been in the stomachs of these yellow and gold bandits. My fish were again landed on tiny flukes on 1/16th oz. jigs.

Today I witnessed something fantastic at first light. A large bird that I have yet to identify. Some big prehistoric looking fellow with a white body, black cap to its crest and yellow beak sat staring across the harbor at me for 30 minutes or so. It was perched (no pun intended) on the edge of the wall watching me and watching the water, I would assume for fish. I also saw a beautiful kingfisher soar by right in front of me. I always like to watch the fishing birds cannon into the water in search of their breakfast.

More to come soon, west winds may finally be coming later this week, and my hopes are high that the end of the month could be saved if this is the case.

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