Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago Perch Fishing : 6/12/2009

I made the trip to the wall this morning, I arrived at 4:45, still dark I began fishing inside the harbor to see if there was any action inside. I immidiatly starting getting light taps but couldn't connect. After around 5 casts I made the walk out to the lake side.

I noticed all the alewifes swimming right under the wall, I hooked up with a nice 10 1/2" perch on my first cast. Today swinging two 1/16th oz. jigs off a 3 way swivel, with the braid I spooled up last night I was able to feel every bite. I got a handfull by 5:15, at that time the bite shut off almost immidiatly. Upon filleting the fish I learned why.

Those alewifes directly below the pier were what had brought in the perch. I could see them flashing down in the depths and I am sure it was a flurry of feeding activity. In the stomachs of the 5 fish I filleted this morning I took 8 fresh alewifes out of their stomachs, as well as some mostly digested ones. This is a good lesson to take from today, when there are schools of small alewifes and you are fishing with 6cm plastic minnow immitators, you might end up with a fast bite resulting in a full stringer.

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