Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Lakes Perch Fishing : 6/28/09

With only 2 days left in the season I arrived at my spot that now feels like home, and will be missed during the month of July. I set up in the dark and tossed my spinner far, I backed my braid with mono yesterday so it won't slip on hook sets. Due to re-spooling the braid that first cast sailed to the horizon.

The first to casts produced very small rock bass. The bite was not on like I had hoped it would be but I had taken 3 and put 3 back by the time the sun rose. It took a lot of moving today, and fighting with currents, the ebb and flow into and out of the harbor was dramatic, like whitewater at times. The night of 10-15 knot northwest blow was stirring the lake up.

At the time when all was said and done there were 8 fish on my stringer. I gave a couple to a fellow who was having trouble getting his fish for the day and took home 6 to add to the freezer stockpile for fish fries of lazy July evenings to come. The fish averaged only 10" or 11" today, smaller than the stringer full of jumbos on friday.

It was nice to get out and I'll miss it when June turns to July.

I'll likely be out for one last hurrah in the next two days, I'll kiss the last perch goodbye and send him out to one of my favorite lakes in the world and hope he brings back his friends next year.

See you on the seawall for one last go at it.

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