Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lake Michigan Jumbo Perch Report : 6/25/09

At long last, I had one of those days... One of those days on Lake Michigan that makes up for all those slow sunrises taking home a stringer with a single perch for two or three hours of fishing. I got to my normal spot today and decided to forgo fishing a double jig rig with artificials. I went straight to the super rooster tail (1/4 oz.) white with silver blade. I hooked some shrimp on the double hook and gave her a toss. A hit on the first cast but no take. The next three consecutive casts landed me three decent keepers, two of them being 12". My hopes were starting to get high, but I have been tricked by a burst of perch in the first 10 minutes before and didn't let them climb to any real height.

8 of the 10 keepers, the fattest of those 12" perch had an 8" girth!!

When all was said and done I had landed 14 perch from the lake, 10 of which were keepers, 6 were over 12", the rest were close but I try and keep only ones greater than 10". Lake Michigan was good to me this morning, the sun was bright and hot, the lake was clear, I could actually see fish hitting the spinner, and the ones I landed were large and made for a great lunch for myself and two friends.

One thing worth noting is that I picked up most of my perch from the Lake Michigan sea wall right before the sun came up, it then slowed down and after half an hour of slow fishing I decided I'd move into the harbor where things were deeper, darker, and still shaded from trees and the hill that is lake shore drive. I immediately started picking up fish upon doing this.

The perch bite on Lake Michigan is finally heating up, I'd get out there sooner than later... there are only 5 more days to chase these guys before the season closes for a month, to re-open when July turns to August.

I'll be out at the lake Saturday, Sunday, Monday if I can manage, more reports to come.

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