Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chicago Perch Fishing Report, Shore Fishing

Anglers from shore should have a good shot this weekend at some great jumbo perch action. Wind's have been driving from the North East most of the week, making conditions lousy for perch.

It appears the winds of change are on their way though.
This map from, like most good things, NOAA animates forecasted surface winds. Click the photo to visit the site. This can be a valuable tool to figure out when water might clear up or when waves will be favorable, although they have a wave forecast too that is normally very accurate. In this case it will help me decide when to head out to the walls because I'll know when that warm surface water will take off toward Ludington and I can get back on top of perch without a boat.

I was out yetserday around noon when it was still overcast here in Chicago and was able to land a few smaller perch, this gives me hope that even while conditions were absolutly aweful there were still perch to be found. My freezer needs stocking and I'm in search of at least a 14" perch, just for a personal best.

See you on the sea wall this weekend.

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