Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harbor Fingerlings

While out at the harbor mouth today just north of Downtown Chicago targeting perch I ran into something unexpected.

Using a crappie rig with #6 Aberdeen hooks rigged with a small white tube jig on the bottom and raw shrimp on the top hook I started getting little nibbles. This instantly put me in a good mood as I thought I stumbled upon a school of perch first thing in the morning. The sun was just coming up and I was missing hook sets left and white. I wasn't sure what was down there nibbling so I was eager to pull one up.

It wasn't long before I hooked into one and pulled it up to the wall. Up came an alewife on my top hook, or so we thought. Instantly noticing the green/red hue of the fish, and the trademark little vertical footballs running down the side of all the little salmonids we realized what I had caught. A fingerling Chinook Salmon. He was swiftly returned to the lake, 2 more were landed in the next 5 minutes, must have been a big cloud of the stockers that haven't left the safety of the harbor yet.

Couldn't find the perch this morning, but 3 little salmon made up for it in beauty hands down. It was an early morning on the cold lake Michigan. North-East Winds are no good for perching...

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