Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lake Michigan Water Levels Up This Year

In years past I've found myself walking smooth white sand along quiet beaches in spots that used to be where I might have body surfed in the spring. This year there is a different story.

A friend of mine and I have a beach we tenderly refer to as "the secret beach", it is a place where I have never seen another foot print and it lies where garbage used to be poured into the lake in one fassion or another. We find sea glass, fishing plugs that find there way to shore, and other metalic oddities from the height of the factory days along the lake.

This chart from the NOAA is a great visual representation of their always in depth data.

We got down there for the first time this summer to find half the beach missing. I have since done some research and find that water levels are up somewhere right around a foot from last year at this time. Beaches that slowly slope down to the lake can get eaten up quickly by a foot of extra water.

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  1. Great for the lake, bad for the secret beach. But it does give the secret beach even more charachter.