Monday, June 1, 2009

Rush, Willow, Race, and Kinni

Trout, Trout, Trout...

I love them, I do. There isn't much to say besides I got out as much as I could whether it meant only getting 3 hours of sleep so I could get it in, or taking a new trout fisherman on an hour drive to get him his first trout.

The willow is full of suckers, I've never seen anything like it actually, there was one run leading out of a hole that must have had a couple hundred suckers, all spread out, looked like a mine field on that slow sandy run, and the hold had dozens upon dozens of them drifting a foot under the surface in crystal clear blue. I'm disappointed that I left my camera at home as I wanted a light load for a bit of a hike.

The fish were much harder to come by this time around but I ended up with 20 something browns, 3 beauty brookies, and 8 stocked rainbows.

Biggest brown was 15". I'm incrementally working my way up, inch by inch.

Took a friend and his girlfriend to the Rush, we got him his first 10" brown pretty quickly, I ended up with around 10 fish. They were tough to stalk that sunny, warm day. To top it off we ended up being upstream of the Rod and Gun club, with it between us and our car when a whole parking lot full of shooters started shooting clays over the river... I've never seen a hole fill with trout like I did that afternoon. Every trout downstream got spooked up by the hail of shotgun fire. Fish were filing in to this deep hole like someone rang the dinner bell, only in this case they all wanted nothing to do with the dinner I had to offer.

Here's my friend Theo, proud of the first fish of the year for him. As you can see, it was a beautiful day to be out, the horesflys agreed with that as well, as they were out in force.

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