Thursday, September 24, 2009 Our New Home

Great Lakes Angler is moving on up. We've left the old, long blogspot address behind and have moved up to The old domain name : will still get you here, but feel free to bookmark this new, permanent home for the GLA blog in the years to come.

It's been a great start, we have had readers in almost every state in the union, as well as in 34 countries total.

Google may take a bit to catch searches up to this new domain name, as google cred. will probably need to be rebuilt, a small sacrifice for the greater good of Great Lakes Anglers everywhere.

Tomorrow I grab my rod and chase salmon under changing leaves, changing winds, and under the stars. It's time to forget about photographing architecture for a weekend and enjoy time on the water.

See ya out there (and on here).

-Tom Harris

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