Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World Record Breaking Atlantic Salmon

From the Telegraph Journal.

A 150-year-old record for the largest catch at Wilson's Sporting Camps was broken at Coldwater Pool Aug. 30, compliments of a 15-year-old first-timer.

The camp's new record holder, Braden Tierney of Massachusetts, grabbed a fishing pole to go Atlantic salmon fishing for the first time at Wilson's. Chances are when he took to the water he didn't think he'd be breaking a record that had stood for more than a century.

Tierney wrestled in a behemoth of a fish, coming in at 51 inches, at Coldwater Pool. The trip certainly didn't disappoint.

His guide, Karl Wilson, was ecstatic with the record-breaking catch.

"It was quite a fish. And he was pretty excited, as you can imagine."

Wilson was unsure what the record was before, but said this fish beat any fish since, with previous outstanding catches usually reeling in a "couple in (the) 40-inch range."

But this record was about 10 minutes away from not happening, Wilson said.

He noted after being out on the water for a while, Tierney's father, Tom, decided it was about time the crew wrapped things up. Giving the fishermen 10 more minutes before heading home, Braden and Karl set to work.

"He knew what he was doing," Wilson said of Tierney.

Then, the salmon caught the line and the fight was on. After tearing and tugging for about half an hour, Tierney got hold of the monster fish.

"Finally, we were lucky enough," Wilson said, describing how he knew they had a big fish on the line when it would occasionally jump out of the water.

"It was just a monster. I think I was more excited than they were."

Naturally, the fish was released back in the water, but not before a few pictures of an overjoyed Tierney with his record-breaker were taken.

Although the record-setting angler couldn't be reached for comment, Tierney commented on wilsonscamps.nb.ca, the camp's website.

"When we got him to the net, though, he still had plenty of energy left and could have fought for quite a bit longer. As you can see, we had some trouble holding on to him for a picture because of this!"

Some enthusiastic fishermen commented on the site, issuing Tierney their congratulations on breaking the record, saying things like "Braden you're the man," and "Many people fish salmon for a lifetime and never hook anything close to what you caught. You really have something to boast about."

Not surprisingly, Wilson said, Tierney's first time fishing won't be his last.

"They definitely want to come back after that."


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