Monday, September 21, 2009

Milwaukee River Returns to Fishable Levels

If I had to bet on a river to fish tomorrow I'd pick the mouth of Pike Creek.

If I had to bet on a river to fish this weekend, I'd take the Milwaukee river.

The Milwaukee River is what I consider my home turf. In the years preceding this I spent 4 falls at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, I began to understand and learn stretches of that river like they were my back yard.

Believe it or not I like to fish the Milwaukee river for Salmon, and especially Steelhead just after the flow has been in the 140-150 cubic feet per second zone, when it falls to 132 cubic feet per second. 130-134 cubic feet per second is a sweet spot for the places I like to fish. Don't ask me why, it's just my zone.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes, pray to the god of the fish and do a rain dance, we need one more downpour to get the river up to par for water flowing down, so Salmon can flow up.

Counting the days until I make my pilgrimage back to my homeland on the Milwaukee River, and chase salmon under a canopy of golden foliage.

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  1. How'd it go? Was down there on Wednesday, they were jumping all over me but not biting anything I tossed at them. If you had any luck, let us know!