Friday, September 11, 2009

New World Record Brown Trout Landed From Manistee River, Michigan

The Great Lakes does it again!

This 43.75 inch 41 pound 7.25 oz. monster Brown Trout was landed on the Manistee River, Michigan yesterday. The fish was taken on a crank bait and was landed by Tom Healy while fishing with Tim Roller's charter service. I'll bet that's a few hundred dollars he doesn't regret spending.

This link will take you on over to Tim Roller's Guide Service :

I would imagine that the increasing biomass of Round Goby we have seen in recent years has contributed to so many large fish being taken this year. I myself have noticed an increase in the size of both King Salmon and Brown Trout that I have personally caught or seen landed. Let us hope that the fish continue to get larger and chip away at the ever present carpet of Round Goby in the lake.

The Manistee River is just south of the Betsie River, which I fished much of last week, looks like I should have headed an hour south and threw cranks all day for a shot at this big fellow.

Things on the Betsie have been constant, a slow trickle of King Salmon moving from big hole to big deep hole on a daily basis. The next big rain should drive them up in droves. My cousin says that fish are at the dam and jumping, and that anglers on the piers in Frankfort were occasionally hooking up.

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