Sunday, September 27, 2009

South-Eastern Wisconsin Salmon Report : September 27th 2009

Sheboygan : Chinook Salmon and Steelhead have entered the river and can be found in some numbers in the lower sections.

Milwaukee River : Nearing a prime state of fresh fish entering the river, and not a whole lot of angler pressure. Next weekend looks promising after low pressure, west winds, and recent rain.

Grant Park : Oak Creek : Fish can be found in very small numbers and are holding only in the deepest of the holes, more water will greatly improve fishing if we get some rain this week. Fish that are in the river now are still silver though and should be very good eating.

Root River : Salmon are trickling in, cover ground, work deep holes and you might find yourself with a lively King Salmon with your hook in it's mouth.

Pike River : Reports from friends say there are a few fish in the very lowest sections of the river, it may be worth fishing by next weekend, I'd be hesitant to try it if more rain doesn't get the flow up. Casting from shore may be a better option at it's mouth.

Waukegan, IL : Some trout have been caught recently from the South Rocks and from Government Pier. Action is still spotty.

User submitted photograph of a King Salmon caught this weekend. Way to go Keith!

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