Sunday, September 27, 2009

Salmon Fishing on the Milwaukee River : 9/27/2009

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to teach an amazing 11 year old how to fly fish, and needless to say, the day needed no Salmon to make it any better. This young man picked up my eight weight and was throwing a woolly bugger like his life depended on in less than an hour.

Salmon were not on the move in Milwaukee today... 4 hours of fishing produced 1 take down on a nice long drift through some deeper current. That's it... I saw one other fly fisherman hook up, only to play the fish like he'd never used a fly rod before and lose it after a short battle.

The Great Lakes Angler is off to Connecticut to photograph a corporate headquarters. While I'm gone the river will call, and I will not be able to answer.

It is pouring rain right now, that kind of rain that will only last minutes and will cool the air ten degrees before it stops falling. Water was below my feet this afternoon while I swung a fly rod with a young man by my side, it fell on my head while I knelt next to him and watched his back cast roll out toward his father behind him on the bank. It surrounds me now in curtains and waves. It is what makes the existence of this blog.

Until Thursday my friends. The salmon won't wait for me, go court them on our rivers.

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