Friday, September 4, 2009

Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Report : Frankfort

Put the Kayak into the water this afternoon around 1:00 p.m. not exactly prime Salmon fishing time but I thought it would be worth it to log another hour or two dragging Dipsy Divers in the Kayak.

Paddled out to around 20 feet of water, dropped the #1 Dipsy, set at 0, put it down around 15 feet and headed toward the gap at Frankfort Harbor. One fisherman on the south pier reported no action. I trolled through the harbor and around the mudline. Two other boaters out dragging lines with no action. I decided to pull lines and recover a couple of spoons from the rocks that I saw as I floated over them. I successfully nabbed a nice glowing K/O wobbler and a Wonderbread 3/4 oz. Krocodile. Sweet.

Paddled back and was content as I got some things figured out, such as that clamp on rod holders will not suffice, and that it is possible to secure the rod by putting it through my knees and using a fishing box to keep it in place. I have yet to land a Michigan King Salmon and my days are very numbered. Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the day.

Until then, see you on the water.

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