Friday, September 4, 2009

Insane Montana Brook Trout Photograph

The Great Lakes Angler's family has a proud tradition of fishing. The men in our family are no strangers to the rod and reel. This photograph of a bull of a Montana brook trout was sent to me from my good cousin Carson Klemp. He went backpacking to a spot I've been to a couple of times, and one he has been to on 4 or 5 trips over the last decade or so. The mountain lakes and connecting rivers of Montana flow thick with trout. The 4 day excursion that I last took I recall landing somewhere around 200 trout. The biggest Brook Trout of mine was 19", and the largest Cut-Throat Trout I landed from the shore of a large lake was pushing 22".

My hats off to Carson for not only landing such a beauty, but also for getting such a great photograph of it and releasing it unharmed.

This photo he sent me shows a whole school of brook trout sunning in the shallows, a rare sight indeed.

Thanks for the photographs Carson, I hope we can join forces sometime soon and lay down the Klemp law on some fish.

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