Friday, September 18, 2009

Photographs From Above : Where Trout Live

These photographs are courtesy of Carson Klemp, my great cousin who shows us what it's like at 10,000 feet shooting spinners into swift water, calm lakes, and glacial-cool water for Cut Throat and Brook Trout.

This lake is the one from which I landed my personal best Cutthroat. That was 9 summers ago.

This is Carson, he works at a Copper mine in New Mexico, he and I were able to get out in Michigan and hit a few little Bass at sunset last weekend, it was a blast, but nothing compared to the time we hiked up into the wilderness in Montana years ago, (and 200 caught and released trout a piece). Glad you had a good time this year Carson, maybe some year in the future we can join forces up there.

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