Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grand Haven Michigan Pier Salmon Fishing Report : 9/13/2009

With enough time to walk the pier on my way out of Muskegon this morning I decided a check on the north arm of the Grand Haven break walls would be fun.

Many anglers were out, only 1 salmon was on a stringer, caught half way out on a shiner on the bottom, landed on the north side of the pier. It was a King Salmon and looked to weigh roughly 5-6 pounds.
It sounds like pier fisherman have been doing well with glow spoons early in the morning (2-5 a.m.) there has not been much of a night or sunrise bite.

I was not allowed enough time to get out and swing for salmon this weekend but I was fortunate enough to get out to a private lake with some cousins and land some largemouth. I will report on that tomorrow.

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