Monday, September 14, 2009

Original Photography by Great Lakes Angler : Point Betsie Michigan

Two weeks ago I took my Nikon D300 and some lenses out under a full moon to Point Betsie and put this series together. These corrugated steel piers jut out from the seawall in front of Point Betsie.

Corrugated Steel and Fresh Water

Enjoy the photographs, lake Michigan is really wonderful under the moonlight and stars. There were a couple of boats out trolling glow spoons for Salmon and Trout, and a couple of boaters coming in from days spent on the water. I count myself lucky to have had the chance to bring these images to you, as it means I was blessed with the time to be there in the first place.


  1. Hey that is really cool I attending a school this year and we just finished studying about the Great Lakes and I loved it! Actually this Summer I went to MIchigan and the weather was really affected by the Great Lakes.

  2. Yes, the lakes effect the weather in the entire region, causing snow storms in the winter, cooler nights in the summer, and warmer days in the winter.

    They are an amazing thing.