Friday, October 30, 2009

Wisconsin Tributaries on the Rise

As forecast, we got hit with some sustained rain showers last night, and rivers and streams in the south-eastern Wisconsin area are on the rise as a result. The rivers have taken a hit, and are still rising, but not as much as I had feared. Rivers may return to fishable levels by Sunday (depending on when flows turn around).

Remember, just because your rivers are bursting at the seems doesn't mean there aren't fish to be caught in other spots.

The pipes in Kenosha will start flowing today and Browns and Coho may be found in front of the flow.

The grates across from Alterra on the lakefront in Milwaukee are undoubtedly flowing this morning as well. I'd grab a float and some skein and be prepared to hold onto my rod as there are still Kings in front of those grates in Milwaukee in a big way.

In Wisconsin in the fall, rain or shine, there is always a place to find your favorite Salmonid.

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