Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milwaukee River Fall Salmon Fishing : 10/20/2009 Forecast

This week and next will sport rivers bulging with running King Salmon. The colors are beautiful on the Milwaukee River and the Salmon run is in full swing.

My friends Mike and Keith got up there this last weekend and landed a few on the fly rod. Way to go guys.

Steelhead should be in the river, some coho and browns may be in there as well, and a number of stray lake trout have been landed on the river as well. I would encourage catch and release of salmon at this point, as their life is near an end and the meat of most fish will be past its prime, but to each his own.

Fishing on the Root, Pike, Oak, and other rivers in the region should all produce dozens of hook ups to the experienced angler in the days to come. Good luck out there.

-Tom Harris
Great Lakes Angler

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