Thursday, October 22, 2009

Betsie, Manistee, Boardman, and Platte River Salmon and Steelhead Report : October 2009

From the Northern Angler, a trustworthy tributary report from Northern Lower Michigan.

Betsie River : Salmon are in all stages of the river, fresher salmon can be found in the lower stretches, and there are some Steelhead starting to make their run. Egg flies are working best for both species.

Platte River : Both Coho and King salmon are in the lower stretches, but be advised that low clear water makes presentation very important.

Boardman River : producing fish all the way up into town.

Manistee River : Lower stretches seeing heavy pressure with fishermen looking for that trophy brown trout. Nocturnal trophies may be taken this time of year with fish looking to bulk up for a long winter.


  1. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the post, just one correction, the upper Manistee has almost no pressure right now because most anglers are on the lower river looking for slamon and steelhead.
    Tight Lines!

  2. Thank you Kirk, I got my upper and lower switched around, long day yesterday combined with a bunch of typing. Bad news. I will amend this right away! Thanks for keeping me honest.