Thursday, October 29, 2009

Milwaukee Area River Fishing Report : 10/29/2009

The Milwaukee River and Root River remain high from saturating rains. We have had rain almost 2/3 days this month and there are no signs of the weather letting up. In fact severe thunder storms are expected this evening.

Tonight and tomorrow's storms are on the way.

Oak Creek and the Pike River remain the best Salmon and Trout fishing options at this time. Remember that smaller water sheds mean a fast spike in flow, followed by a fast withdrawal.

The King Salmon run is drawing to a close, but Coho are showing up in these rivers in small force and Brown Trout as well as a fleet of Rainbow Trout are on their way into the rivers as well. These fish are hard fighting, high flying lake run mammoths that are a blast on the fly or float rod.

Get out there and get them, rain or shine.

See ya out there.

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