Friday, October 23, 2009

Wisconsin Tributaries Flooded Out : Salmon Fishing Forecast 10/24/2009

The Milwaukee River, Oak Creek, Pike River, and Root River are all sporting high flows as of this moment, and if you are banking on visibility and low flows don't be surprised when you find an extra few feet of water in your favorite hole.

Rivers will be muddy and filled with flotsam.

Milwaukee River : I like to fish this when it is at LEAST under 400 cfs, preferably under 300 though.

Root River : It actually isn't super high compared to the rest, but getting it under 150 cfs.

Pike River : It jumped fast, get it down near 100, down to 75 or below would be best.

Oak Creek : This thing spiked faster than the rest, and will likely drop just as fast.

There you have it my friends, I'm heading out with a fly rod and another rod with some spawn, We'll hope for a withdrawal by Sunday. I'll keep you updated, and whether I catch fish or not, you'll be informed. See ya out there.

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