Friday, October 2, 2009

Colorado Rainbow Trout : User Submitted

An old room mate and long time friend of mine, Howie, photographed this trout.  This was one of his first (but not last I'm sure) trout on his fly rod.  Howie spent the summer in Colorado working for the forest service.  I hope to meet with him soon to drift flies through long sweeps in the Milwaukee River, waiting for a Steelhead to explode from the water with one of Howie's flies in it's lip.

Thanks for the photograph Howie, may there be thousands more like this one in the years to come.

Howie is a student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, he still shoots slide film and I have a lot of respect for his decision to do that.  I'm sure this 35mm slide looks just about as beautiful as the actual trout did on the sunny day he landed it.

This is the river from which he caught the fish.  An amazingly beautiful place.

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