Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Salmon and Trout Vocabulary

Since I have friends and family that don't know what I mean when I launch into a salmon fishing tangent I figured a Salmon Vocab section was appropriate. Here it goes:

Salmonid: in or belonging to the Salmon family, includes Salmon, Char, and Whitefish.

Spawn: The mass of eggs deposited by a fish. In the case of Salmon and Trout these are orange and Red.

Redd: The gravel nest made by a trout or salmon, used for spawning.

Roe: Another word for spawn, but also the milt or sperm of a male fish.

Skein: Eggs in the fish, before they come loose, kept together with a clear membrane.

Fry: A baby salmon, up to 10 weeks old.

Parr or Fingerling: Several Months Old, develops "finger" markings on the side.

Smolt: 1-3 years old.

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