Monday, August 24, 2009

Chicago Perch (and Salmon) Foercast : Late August

Well the time is neigh for Salmon coming from the depths to kiss the walls in the harbors all along the Chicago lake shore.

In Waukegan reports have been streaming in of Coho Salmon, King Salmon, and Brown Trout being caught from the south rocks during good west winds.

The Montrose Harbor horseshoe produced large King Salmon this week before the winds switched to a light North-East breeze.

Other harbors such as Belmont Harbor, Diversey Harbor, Burnham Harbor, and the 63rd street Yacht Harbor and Lagoon/Jackson Harbor will start producing more and more Salmon as the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change colors just as the salmon do. From vibrant and full of life, to a yellowish orange hue, to brown.

Perch fishing remains spotty from shore, but perch can be found by the dedicated anglers. Downtown perch beds remain loaded with Jumbo Perch and anyone with the means to get out and fish them from a boat will find a limit reasonably easy to come by.

It isn't every year that Perch and Salmon can be fished for at the same time from shore in Chicago. Since fishing prospects are good I'd get out if you can, hopefully Lake Michigan will smile on you and put a bend in your fishing rod this fall.

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