Sunday, August 16, 2009

Milwaukee Salmon Fishing Report : Grant Park

I had 45 minutes to fish in Milwaukee on a quick pitstop while taking care of some bussiness in town. I swung into grant park and am happy to report that in the 45 minutes there, prior to the sun setting I saw one fish taken. You could feel your spoon hitting dozens of alewifes on the way in on each cast. I snagged 5 alewifes in the half hour of casting that I got done. This tells me that salmon should be in close. The water temperature was favorable as well, the spoon came out of the water very cold, like it just came out of the refrigerator. Most snagged alewifes were similar in size to my 3/4 oz. little cleo and my 1 oz. kastmaster. Although some were much larger, about the size of a magnum trolling spoon, roughly 4.5-5 inches.

This says that Salmon and Trout are starting to stage in front of Oak Creek in Grant Park and will be entering the river within 2 weeks or less. A well timed rain should push the first brave fish up into the running waters.

There were a few anglers at the South Shore Yacht Club fishing as well, I did not see them take any fish in the short time I was there.


  1. I have been catching an average of 3-4 fish a day by the waterfall in grant park. mostly dark chinooks but have seen a few nice rainbows and 2 browns taken out, i have only caught one small male rainbow so far. i am just using pink and green yarn but others are using spawn sacs and marshmallows. spawn sacs are hard to find in local baitshops so bring your own or use something else. fishing is best early and late in the afternoon, but fish get taken all through the day.

  2. Hey thanks for the report. I'll keep this in mind this weekend, as I'm headed that way tonight.

  3. i was fishing this past weekend and caught a nice silver chinook under the bridge just past the dam. i was using my fly rod and i have to say that battling a 19 pounder with lite tackle is really fun.

  4. i was fishing there last week and i caught a 22 pound chinook with 10 pound test got him in in 45 minutes. prior to that week caught 2 females 1 8 pound coho and 1 20 pound chinook i am 13 yrs old love to fish