Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Milwaukee Brown Trout and Steelhead Action : 8/25/2009

Late August is upon us, and the swing from deep water to harbors is fully underway for salmon and trout.

I have a friend who recently graduated from UWM with a degree in conservation. He works at the small state park off of summerfest grounds in the harbor. He wrote me and let on that there has been a sharp increase in Brown Trout and Steelhead in near the rocks at the state park. He has been able to observe them feeding on alewifes from shore. The word he used to describe them was "footballs". You know what that means gang. The only thing that is keeping you from catching a hail mary football trout is that you're reading this blog right now, and not out casting.

Steelhead like to feed in the twilight hours, right at sun-up and sun-down. Brown trout are primarily nocturnal feeders, especially in shallow water. Sunset-sunrise is prime time for Brown Trout fishing.

Thanks to Jeremy Seibel for the information, I hope you find one on the end of your line before long.

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