Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kenosha Salmon Fishing Report : Brown Trout in the Harbor

Well the action in Kenosha has slowed significantly since yesterdays flurry of perfect conditions for brown trout fishing. A combination of west winds, great pods of alewifes, and fresh rain pushing nutrients into the harbor turned the Brown Trout on to a feeding frenzy that started around sunset on Friday.

Today it was a different story, there were 30 anglers there, and up until 11:15 I had seen 1 brown caught, my guess was it weighed in at 2.5-3 pounds. I, using the techniques I had been working on the night before, ended up hooking into the best fighter I had all weekend. It was (I believe) a female Brown, weighing 11 pounds (I haven't cleaned her/him yet but it looks like a hen).

A detail of one of the more beautiful browns from last night.

It hit so hard it almost ripped my 10 foot 6 inch casting rod out of my arms, and I mean literally here, I had to extend my arms and tighten my grip as it ripped at the Rapala X-Rap on the end of my line. She jumped several times, a couple of the jumps she cleared the water by a foot or so. She then decided to go from a acrobatic Steelhead style fight into a bullish King Salmon fight. She bulldogged me and ripped yards of drag out as she made a run for the harbor bottom. I eventually tired her and a good friend of mine Tyler F. skillfully netted her. I had drawn a small crowd by this point and everyone around seemed to think that since I took a fish from this specific point on the wall, EVERYONE needed to move right next to me.

Here are the fillets and my knife with the 7" blade. Quite a haul last night.

In fact while I strung the fish up two gentleman who were speaking in some eastern European dialect took my spot, standing right in front of my tackle boxes and nets. When I said something they just looked at me like they couldn't understand me. Fine I understand being excited about seeing a fish caught but there are literally thousands of feet of fish-able area to stand.

I moved a bit and started fishing again. 15 minutes later a friend of mine, Jeremy S. said alright, 5 more casts. I agreed but said "but if either of us hooks up I'll have to stay longer" no more than 10 seconds later, on my first of the last 5 casts I hooked up. A smaller male this time. The buck gave me a few splashes and a little run and was later netted by Jeremy, thanks for making that net work my friend, you really tried hard to get that fish on land for me.

At this point there was a mighty exodus of people (none of which spoke English, at least not when I politely asked for my spot back.

My big female from tonight. Note the lack of Kype and smaller jaw.

There were 8 guys fishing in a space that would barely hold 2 fisherman... I decided that this un-sportsman like conduct warranted me taking my 2 fish and heading home. I had taken a hook in the finger while getting the second brown trout out of the net and since I couldn't seem to stop the bleeding it was a sure sign that the road was calling.

I enjoyed my night fishing with friends. I truly was hoping to be the one netting fish tonight while watching the two of you battle it out with these mighty Kenosha Brown Trout. Thanks for the fishing session fellas.

To recap... 30 fisherman, 3 hours, 4 fish caught. Not very much action tonight, for once I was the exception to that. I guess it has to happen to everyone once in a great while.

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