Monday, August 17, 2009

Asian Carp Shooting Injury : Broken Jaw

This photograph that Tom Chandler over at the Trout Underground had on his blog yesterday, shows one of the reasons that Asian Carp are a terrible, terrible invasive species that has gotten way out of hand.

An asian Carp, hitting the shooter in the back of a Carp boat, this woman's jaw was broken and according to the Trout Underground, this outing was all her fiance's idea.

Here's the lovely quote : “We were going really slow because that seems to get them to jump really high,” Brackett said. “Jodi had shot at one and was leaning forward to reel in her arrow when another fish came out of nowhere to her right and then hit her in the jaw.”

We had certainly pray that the barrier works, I will hate to see the day come when Asian Carp make it to the Great Lakes... It seems it is only be a matter of time.

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