Monday, July 13, 2009

This is Fly Magazine, July Issue

Just this week another issue of This is Fly was released on the internet. It features over 100 pages of awesome graphic design, beautiful photographs, and what we all read it for... Awesome images of fish.

One of my favorite articles in this one is about shooting fishing photographs, both of which are a couple of my greatest joys in life, one of which (photography) is my profession.

It's a great read for a rainy day when you can't get out fishing or are stuck in the office wishing you were fishing. If nothing else it is just something to enjoy if you are a (fly) fisher-person at heart.

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  1. Hi Tom. I've come to really enjoy reading your blog. I found it through Mike Planthaber's, which is actually a blog he has off my site,

    Anyways, I also occasionally read "This is Fly" and if you want to see more of Jason Morrison's work, check out his blog - His work is good, but it's just a little too photoshopped and artificial with crazy camera filters. Almost a little too much for me.

    Hope to run into you soon. I plan on scheduling a few Steelhead outings with Mike this fall, so maybe you will come out as well - I'm a noob and he says I should try it.

    Good blogging!