Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Lakes Angler off to Crystal Lake, Michigan

Great lakes angler gets in the car at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to make the 5 hour drive to Crystal Lake, Michigan, which used to be a fantastic perch fishery, as well as a producer of huge lake trout and at one point, Coho salmon. It is now, like so many other places... not any of those. It does have a huge amount of mean rock bass though. We'll see if I can't find a little school of perch swimming around somewhere.

Here's the lake 165 feet deep at its deepest, and averaging more than 70 feet deep, its a beautiful and "crsytal" clear lake, 20 feet of visibility is common. I'm excited to camp on the beach, fish from the row boat, and just enjoy my time in the sun... err I mean rain this weekend.

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