Thursday, July 23, 2009

Assault on a Bait Ball

This is why I strive to find a way to get my hands on underwater camera gear. I want photographs of Salmon and Trout going at a bait ball of Alewifes, I've seen them get active and chase schools around and I've even seen a pod of them thrash the top of the water only to have a big Chinook burst through the surface chasing them.

This photography speaks for itself. Click here to check out the rest. Some of the best underwater stuff I've ever seen.

This weekend I'm headed to Crystal Lake Michigan. I may do a little bit of fishing, but nothing more than shooting a few RockBass in a barrel or drifting for perch. I'll likely stop in Indiana and scout for some Steelhead spots for next week. Photographs and reports will follow the weekend. Enjoy yours, I'll enjoy mine.

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