Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lake Michigan Stonehenge?

Since July fishing has been slow here in Chicago, with the Perch season closed for another week, and Trout and Salmon out of reach, I've been delving into archives of some of my favorite great lakes news sources and here's another find.

Mark Holley, an underwater archeology professor (I'd have taken that class in a second in college if it was offered) at Northwestern Michigan College discovered a series of standing stones under the waters of lake Michigan. Some of them are arranged in a circle, and one of which appears to have carvings of a mastodon on it.
Here is a photograph of the Mastodon Carving in question.

A huge discovery in North American Archeology. This sonar they're using to find these things is mighty cool, I'd love to make images with that thing, I've always had my eyes plastered to the depth finders of any boat I've been in, watching the bottom contours. The photographs are interesting if nothing else.

This one is a pile of sunken boats and cars. Pretty cool.

You can read more of this article over at BLDGBLOG.

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