Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diporeia Down, Quagga Mussels Up in Lake Michigan : Bad News for Great Lakes Gamefish

More bad news involving Great Lakes invasive species today. This article delves into a net dragged across the bottom, 3.5 miles offshore of Grand Haven Michigan. The ship named the Laurentian pulled up 300 pounds of quagga mussels, a few zebra mussels were mixed in, along with a single slimy sculpin.

10 years ago there were zero Quagga Mussels in the great lakes, these can live deeper than the more familiar zebra mussel and will cover a far higher percentage of the lake michigan basin, as well as a majority of the other lakes. They can live on sand, not just rock, wood, and other submerged structure.

The article, found here, naturally goes far deeper into this web of problems than this short post does. Go on over and read this post from the U-M News Service.

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