Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Lakes Charter Fishing Boats : Midway Through a Slow Summer

In an associated press article about Great Lakes charter fisherman detailing the lull in business this summer I couldn't help but think of times fishing from the pier last fall, watching the charter boats with 2 or 3 salmon/trout hooked up at one time. The clients plastered with toothy smiles as they fought these great lakes beauties in to the boat.

I was invited along on a fall Salmon charter last fall on : Maritime Charters, out of Milwaukee. The fish happened to be scattered that day, we brought aboard a 10 lb. brown trout, two small two year old kings, and one lake trout in the 4 - 5 lb. class. Not that impressive for a dozen lines in the water and 5 hours of Trolling. Marc Sobeski, the captain, was a very knowledgeable captain and was willing to answer my dozens of questions about thermoclines and depths in various harbor spots and spots along the walls and gaps. He put fish in the boat, it was just a slow day and he can't be blamed.
In fact, he's responsible for a tie for my personal best brown, shown above.

The thing I'm not so keen on is the level of involvement in a trolling charter. The captain runs the boat, hooks up all the lines, sets riggers, dipsy's, leadcore, and planar boards. He then runs up, sets the hook, and hands the pole off to you to reel in the fish. He then nets it, unhooks it, and puts it in the box. So basically you get to reel the thing in and eat it later.

I'd love to learn the ropes of trolling. Learn how to set all my lines, learn why to run a e-chip mountain dew flasher with a peanut fly instead of a red dodger with a 4" bloody nose ladderback spoon behind it. I'd love to learn why I should run 5 colors of lead core along with my #1 Dipsy set at 2. Or just simply how deep and in what direction I should be running my lures.

That's something for the future I suppose. I love angling on the great lakes from shore for the time being. Someday I'll have a boat worthy of the big lakes and some money to make that boat an anglers paradise.

Go ahead and read the article about Great Lakes Charter Captains by clicking that text. I'll see ya out there.

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