Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wisconsin Heat Wave : It's (not) beginning to look a lot like Chirstmas

70 degree weather and sunny skies over lower Lake Michigan this weekend threw a wrench in the gears of harbor fishermen in Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine.

The bright sun, high pressure, and mild weather took the chill out of the air and sent fresh trout packing for cooler, deeper, darker lies beyond the reach of shore fishermen. King salmon are still around in handfuls but targeting these fish is almost unsportsmanlike, considering they are literally floating in their own deathbed at this point. Look for cooler weather to bring these hard hitting hard fighting trout back to the reach of your spawn sack or spinner.

River fisherman reported a mix of triumph and failure with the fly rod this weekend. I suspect the early morning hours have produced more fish than high noon. A day on the water with weather like we had this weekend... and in November... worth it even if you don't find a hungry migratory trout to take you for a spin.

I postponed my return to the harbors until next Sunday, when I will cross my fingers for a repeat performance of the victory I saw last weekend.

If you had success this weekend, weather that means catching fish or just some sun rays, write me an email at and I'll post your photos or reports here for the rest of us to read.

See ya out there.

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