Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Views on Domesticated Brown Trout : David @ Chicago Trout Bum

I had the pleasure of reading this article by David, founder of the Chicago Trout Bum. The article goes into man's relationship with the Brown Trout in America which, as we know, was introduced to America in February of 1883.

An excerpt from David's essay : "As a European import, the fish where-ever wild will never be native, but that doesn't bother me much at all. From the angler perspective, any wild born fish will provide me with the thoroughly humbling, sometimes baffling experience I was after in the first place."

To learn more about the foothold Brown Trout have established here in America have a look here at this Smithsonian article detailing just that.

Thanks David for a nice read, I hope some of my viewers get the pleasure of reading it as well.

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