Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kenosha Brown Trout Fishing Report : 11/11/2009

It was a slow night in Kenosha on Wednesday as I met with Mike and Dawn to float spawn sacs under lighted floats. I had a take down within 15 minutes of being there but upon setting the hook found nothing on the business end.

The night was devoid of activity until we left in time for me to get a few winks of sleep before morning. We were deep in the boat harbor, there were a number of Brown Trout and some Steelhead porpoising around us but none were interested in a dance.

Mike and Dawn waiting for a take down... air temperature 34 degrees when I left.

One rough looking buck that was landed by our crew just before we left. Not much of a fight. Hoping for rain and cooler weather, as much as I've enjoyed this Indian summer it's time for some November.

I've been called into duty this week, I'll be shooting a building in Indiana and will not be able to fire off any shots for Steelhead or Browns, I certainly hope your weekend is free of work and full of fish.

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