Monday, November 2, 2009

Kinnickinnic River Milwaukee : To Be Reengineered

This could be good for you, for me, and for every water loving Milwaukee going fisherman.

Straight from the Bay View Compass, this article details the acquisition of more than 80 properties to rebuild this concretized river. The plans call to divide the river in to three "phases"

Phase 3 : Collect : Emphasis on water collection and storm water management.

Phase 2 : Gather : Emphasis on community

Phase 1 : Grow : Emphasis on Urban Agriculture

They allow up to 10 years for property management, the project will cost the city about 49 million dollars and will widen the channel considerably, to allow for large runoff and to create space for community interaction.

Sounds like an interesting project, it's a nasty situation right now, and they will be improving it and replacing a bunch of beat up old bridges. Go Milwaukee, I hope they get things right here.

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