Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wisconsin Trout Streams and Ice Sheets

Today it felt like spring may be on the horizon in an impossibly long winter.  I haven't any fishing to report, so here are a few images from Wisconsin.  Ice blue, clean water with trout in sight, and those wonderful air bubbles locked in ice we have all pressed our noses against the ice to see.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Tom. Fishing is not always all about the fish, it's about seeing those things that mother nature presents to us too.
    Still, did you say "Trouts in sight"?
    Darn, someday I will just have to dare the jump in the winter cold and come up north for some trout fishing.

  2. I did, there were a dozen or so darting in and out of the shadows. Beautiful browns.

  3. Those are some beautiful images. Even though the winter brings a lot of beauty I can't wait until spring comes so I can go after those browns again.