Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicago Perch Fishing Report : Navy Pier : 1-24-2010

The three week dry spell is over and Great Lakes Angler is on the board for 2010, catching 52 perch in an hour and a half yesterday. Conditions yesterday were more than favorable and, being as I was only on call for work, I headed downtown with rod and reel and some bait and picked a spot on the pier. As I strung up my rod folks were pulling in the standard 5"-8" navy pier perch that one expects to sort through while fishing there. I baited both top and bottom hooks with a chunk of shrimp and casted 30 feet off the wall. I brought up my slack and checked tension and as I did I felt resistance and set the hook. The fish felt bigger than it should and I reeled in an honest to goodness Jumbo Perch on my first cast, running between 12 and 13 inches. Not Bad.

Here is the big girthy Jumbo with an 8" standard keeper.

The rest of the time the action was fast and consistent, and I kept half a limit and tossed the rest back, I could have easily kept a limit but I only have two mouths to feed and don't like to over harvest fish that I will just freeze.

All keepers were between 8" and 12.5" and most fish were in the 7" range. I saw a few more 10-11" fish caught today and the fish seemed bigger than they did last year at this time.

Nothing like catching dozens of fish in the middle of downtown chicago on a 45 degree day in January. The wind and rain was a bit bothersome, but nothing compared to 15 degrees and frozen guides.

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