Friday, May 15, 2009

The End of the Spring Run

Well the Chambers Creek and Arlees ought to be about done now.  There were very few left in the creek on wednesday.  With the creek under 20 cubic feet / second there were still a few stragglers left holding in the faster currents.

After that spike up 15 times more water rushed down Oak Creek yesterday and likely flushed everything else out.  The water temperature of the creek has risen enough that it likely won't entice any more Steelhead to enter.  So now the wait is on for the fall.  Although the Skamania strain has unpredictable small runs in the spring, early November will mark a new push ofSteelhead couples looking to build Redds and spawn in the gravel.  I will have the chance to refine my form on the river starting late September in the Pike and Root Rivers.

Next week I'll have the chance to bring the fly rods (and the spinning gear) to my stomping grounds in St. Croix County.  I'll be fishing Will River, the Kinnikinnick, the Rush, and maybe the Eau Galle or Apple if I get adventurous. 

Additionally I'll be fishing some Northern Minnesotan Lakes around Memorial day targeting Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike.  I've tied some interesting Larger Pike streamers and some Crawfish immitations for bass.  It will be good to have some time to practice stripping steamers in a larger body of water.

Photos and reports will be up upon my return in early June.  Untill then, I'll see you on the water.

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