Wednesday, May 13, 2009

45 Minute Steelhead Outing

On the way up to Milwaukee today I had under an hour to shoot at a stream.  I chose Oak Creek.  I ran through the woods with my gear to a spot I thought might be holding fish.  I hooked up on the first drift with a smaller female.  She spit the hook at me after half a minute or so.  I hiked east toward the lake for a while and was only able to spook a handfull of fish.  I hiked back upstream above where I started and located a quiet male holding in some deeper current.  After a few drifts I hooked up with him on a peach yarn fly. 

 25" and very beat up but not to shabby for such a short time on the water.

Suckers were in big groups cruising the shallows, hooked up with this fella on one of my drifts targeting steelhead.  Not the fish of choice but it is still fun to get a little fight for a second.

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