Monday, September 27, 2010

Northern Minnesota Musky

It seems that just when you think you're on some big fish lately an email rolls into your inbox that makes you think.... "man that King Salmon, that huge one that towed your Kayak all over Milwaukee... that thing only weighed half as much as this fish!"

This is a good friend of mine, a relative of my girlfriend, Rich and his 47" Muskie, tipping the scales at right around 30 pounds.  Looks like the weather was beautiful up there this weekend.  Congrats on another epic fish Rich. 

Rich and I have a little competition going for first Walleye from this lake over 10 pounds or 30".  As he said in his email.... "it's not a Walleye"  but it will do!

1 comment:

  1. Thats a beauty!! I think I know where that lake is, I'm from the cities down south, but made trips up north there every summer! Nothing like Minnesotan lakes! That's what I imagined might eat me as a kid when I used to swim in those lakes.
    I'm keeping my hopes up still for a King down here in Chicago.