Friday, March 19, 2010

Oak Creek Fishing Report : Mid March 2010

Oak Creek has stabilized and Steelhead are staging nicely. The river has a variety of sized fish in the system right now from 15-20" juveniles to 30+" four and five year old fish. Chambers Creek and Ganaraska are the strains most prevalent in the river at this time.

Fish will lay in deep pocket water until the sun hits the gravel and the water temp warms slightly. Look for 8-10 a.m. for fish to start heating up and getting active on beds.

Egg-Nymph fishing seems to work but I picked 2/3 of mine on leech patterns today. I only landed one champion male Steelhead today. No fin clips, thick like a football, I didn't weigh the fish but 6 pounds would be my best guess.

More on the tributaries to come, it has been an exhausting day between sneaking out for a full throttle fishing trip this morning, followed by a full day of work ending just now.

My advice is to get out and dance with these wonderful fish while you can, and please consider releasing them as they are such beautiful fish.


  1. I like your reel - what color is the inside?
    ahh - Hatch reels.

    Thanks for reminding yours readers to practice catch and release and safe handling.

    I'll be on the milwaukee every friday, saturday, and sunday for the next few weeks. Matt

  2. The inside is Red, thanks for the comment. I think catch and release is important if for no better reason than just to keep more fish in the system to give others a chance. I see no reason to keep more than one or tops two fish when they are so plentiful.